What to Do

by Lloyd, Liquid

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i could never understand the demand, for the greed that i see,
in all the wrong places they could be
i don’t know if i should push, or be pulled
straight back into the panic that i flee
every single memory turns to a forgotten one
feel like a begotten son, really i’m a rotten one
holding it together by the seams, it was all just a dream
within the true nature of my wishes i can seem
rock steady with this overloaded mind, i’m hoping that in time
i can look back at it as a necessary crime
this wasn't my design, man it’s just a ladder that we need to climb
to evolve our paradigm
it’s a shift, together we can all lift the other to space
sick of the taste, in this land, where the waste is regurgitated
we need to escape
or risk being trapped in this catatonic state

hows it going bro? me, i've been the same..
same damn cycle, no improvement, no change
same damn road i have to travel to reach this destination
same damn 9 to 5 cycle corporation
so, slowly i can save but everyday i contemplate
grow weary everyday just to reach a better shade
its depressing if you see, how to hustle what i do
isolated from your family, live in the land of kangaroos
but do i have a choice? yo i wouldnt say i did
with the career choice had to get out as a kid
still i never stop, i keep on keepin it on
i can overtime the clock and time would never seem too long
go quiet hustle, earn and save then, thats my wisdom
workflows pyro and the like without assistance
i just distance me to you, watch me watch you earn a dolla
i continue what i do until i see you in the zone, brotha

it’s like it never changes, yo it stays the same
even if you think, otherwise is true, you’re insane
whenever you feel, whatever you do’s not a game
goddamn, entertain a distraction of fame
in fact, it’s the only way, i ever explain
and act sane, whenever my mind is astray
i show a different color and i’m feeling out of place
in this planet of disgrace
where you know we all have a different face

so i traced, saw my task in life is just to earn a wage
when you stumble on a phrase see your mask is erased
take a taste of the truth, hear what everybody says
notice yesterdays appearance - quite different from today
so what to do? i detect on the system intercept,
as i fish 'em by the neck
fill the bucket on my deck
like a prism i inspected glass is clear the light connects
its the system we dissected with the tunes to break ya neck


released August 9, 2017
written by: Lloyd, Liquid
produced by: Liquid



all rights reserved


Cosche Collective Manila, Philippines


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